Thao Tam's speech EF Challenge with Eng sub and Viet sub

We IELTS FACE-OFF team had many requests on a video with eng sub and vietsub from 3 years ago video in which our lovely host Nguyễn Lâm Thảo Tâm, at that time a grade 10 student from HCM City’s Đinh Thiện Lý High School beated over 7,000 other Vietnamese students to win the Education First’s (EF) public speech competition. The competition invited young people to compete with fellow students to give a speech on the theme, “Do you believe nothing is impossible?”

Tâm’s speech inspired and impressed the jury board and audience greatly, said singer Kyo York, an ambassador of many cultural and education projects in Việt Nam.
She was invited to join EF’s Youth Leadership Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August 2016.

Have a look at her speech, be inspired and learn some useful vocab and phrase

– tugged at heartstring (v) To elicit strong feelings of sympathy or fondness (Để gợi ra cảm xúc mạnh mẽ của sự thông cảm hay yêu mến)
Ex: I don’t know why, but that piece of music always tears at my heartstrings. (Tôi không biết tại sao, nhưng phần nhạc đó luôn gợi ra cảm xúc mạnh mẽ trong tim tôi)

– a good deed (n) hành động tốt, việc làm tốt, nghĩa cử
Idioms: to do a good deed every day, mỗi ngày làm một việc thiện

– no whatsoever (adv) dùng sau no + danh từ, nothing, done… để nhấn mạnh

– bias (v) (n) to have a bias in favour of something: có khuynh hướng thiên về cái gì
to bias towards someone: thiên vị đối với ai
to have a bias against someone: thành kiến đối với ai

– rote learning (n) học gạo, học thuộc lòng
– tedius (adj) chán ngắt, tẻ, nhạt nhẽo, thiếu hấp dẫn, làm buồn tẻ
Ex: a tedious lecture: một bài thuyết trình chán ngắt

– SAVE THE DAY: Bạn làm việc gì đó để đảm bảo chắc chắn thành công hoặc để giải quyết một vấn đề nào đó.
Ex: – It looked like we were going to lose the game, but Ronaldo saved the day by kicking two late goals.
– A guy rides in on a white horse and saves the day by killing the bad guys and rescuing the girl.


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